Friday, May 3, 2013

Cinco de Mayo Burgers

There is nothing authentic about my Mexican cheese burger but it sure is a simple recipe and would be great for a crowd if you decide to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and do some grilling. I started with the guacamole. I bought one ripe avocado and a package of Holy Guacamole.

I diced the avocodo into bite sized pieces and squeezed a lime over it. I just love the combo of lime and avocado. Then I added the packaged guac, a sliced scallion and chopped cilantro leaves.

I put this into the fridge for a bit and went on to my hamburger. I only made one hamburger tonight because I was testing this recipe. So I formed a 1/4 pound hamburger and didn't fuss with it much. I sprinkled kosher salt, freshly ground black pepper and Mrs Dash's Southwest Chipotle Seasoning on both sides.

While I was enjoying the aroma of the meat cooking on my indoor grill (3-4 minutes per side) I coated 1 side of each of 2 tortillas with sriracha sauce. If you don't have sriracha, use Pete's or Frank's. They'll work fine I'm sure.

I then added a slice of processed cheese to each corn tortilla. When I do this again, I'll go for a good Colby or Cheddar or something even more exotic, but the processed cheese was very doable.

Okay, so the burger is done and now needs to be nestled into the cheese covered tortillas. Let's put this together.

Heat a skillet over medium heat and add a tsp of butter (it really adds some good flavor) and a few tsps of canola oil in a sauce pan. Cook tortillas for a few minutes on both sides until cheese is melted and you can't wait to dig in.

And then top with the guac, and any other condiments you desire. I would have liked some olives and tomatoes, sour cream and maybe a spoonfool of refried beans. I know Dan Clark would probably add some crushed bacon, I would have too. But it's Friday night and shopping day is tomorrow.

It's a little messy so I cut mine in half but did end up eating it with my hands- guac sliding down my arms and beef juice as well. Messy or not it's a great little burger I know you'll love.


lynn socko said...

LOVE this, why have I never thought of putting a burger on corn tortilla's you are brilliant, lol!!!

Jamie Beecham said...

Loving the flavor combo and the choice of a bun for the burger. Looks very tempting and mouth watering.

Linda said...

You gals are so great. Thanks for reading. Lynn- it doesn't surprise me that you don't eat guac (still can't figure out your likes and dislikes). I really liked this recipe and it's just so stupid simple, with so many variations. Jamie, it's not so great for our low carb diets, but hey- it's Friday night!

Melissa said...

Linda, yum, yum, yum! What a great post. A must make. :)

Linda said...

Thanks Melissa, I'm off to see what you're up to now!

Grandmereb Lovestobake said...

Seriously yummy looking and sounding! I love the way you used the tortilla for the bun. And your burger looked great and then the rest of the goodies brought it over the top good looking! Nice job Linda!

Linda said...

Thanks Donna- So nice of you to stop by, Happy Cinco de Mayo!