Sunday, May 26, 2013

Won Ton Wrapped Cheese Logs

About a week ago one of my internet cooking friends posted a link to an ooey, gooey, cheesy recipe from The Chew and I decided I'd give it a try, with a few little personal touches of course. The recipe was simply string cheese rolled in egg roll or won ton wrappers. Sounded very simple and turned out pretty darn good. I was just testing this recipe/method and only made three, figuring that's all I would need to decide if they were worth making again. The result- Yes! they are worth making again, but very filling. I could only eat one which surprised me. Here's what you'll need for assembly:

Won Ton Wrapped Fried Cheese Logs
makes 3 servings

3 won ton/egg roll wrappers about 5 inches square
3 sticks light mozzarala string cheese cut to 4" length
3 slices Genoa salami
Cooking spray
Panko bread crumbs for dusting
Canola oil for frying

Position egg roll wrapper on cutting board so it's diamond shaped with one of the points facing you. Place a slice of salami and pared down cheese log on top.

Roll wrapper around cheese and salami from the bottom, then fold in the sides (kind of like you're making a burrito), wet top edges with a bit of water and seal.

Set aside and continue making your cheese logs. I know that the wrappers dry out pretty quickly so I covered mine with a damp paper towel. Spritz each wrapped log with a bit of cooking spray and roll in Panko crumbs. The Panko didn't stick as well as I would have liked but I didn't want to go through the trouble of making an egg wash- especially since I wasn't even sure this recipe was going to be a keeper.  In large non stick saucepan heat canola oil on medium. I used enough oil for about 1/8" depth in the pan (I think that's what the guy from The Chew said to do).

Fry a few minutes on all 4 sides and serve hot or warm with a dip of your choice. I didn't do that but will next time. Of course a marinara would be a natural, but  I'm also thinking something with mustard, vinegar, mayo and a bit of sour cream would be the perfect little saucy accompaniment. Really, the sauces and the filling possibilities are endless. Manga!


Melissa said...

Linda, I adore using wonton and egg roll wrappers. Go figure? This looks so simple and gooey good, ♥ it!

Linda said...

Melissa- do you remember the original post? I had to jazz it up a bit with the salami, but think it needs a veggie stuffed inside too- like possibly a roasted red pepper or zucchini. But yeah, give this a try. I wouldn't serve this to a crowd, it would be too much maintenance, but great for a small group. Loveya, but you know that!