Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hot Diggity Dog

I thought I was finished with the egg roll posts, but sorry guys, I have just one more to share. Please, no groaning, because this one is a gem! A perfect appetizer that everyone will gobble up just like I did. I bought a package of Nathan's oversized frankfurters and knew I'd be using them in an egg roll wrapper because the size was perfect- one frankfurter that fits 2 egg rolls, how could I pass this up? Really, and this is a must try, and so simple. Invite some friends over and give this a whirl.

Pigs in an Egg Roll Blanket
this was a test recipe for two egg rolls, so adjust ingredients to the amount you're making

1 Nathan's "Bigger Than the Bun" Hot Dog
2 T cole slaw (divided)
2 T baked beans (divided)
1 T yellow mustard (divided)
2 slices cheese (I uses American but I think cheddar would have been a better choice)
2 egg roll wrappers
1 large egg
1/2 tsp sriracha sauce
dash of water
store bought bread crumbs for dusting
oil for frying

Slice your frankfurter in half and get your egg rolls ready to rock and roll up. Slather some mustard on the bottom of your egg roll and place a slice of cheese on top of it.

Add your frankfurter, and beans.

Add the cole slaw. I used a store bought brand that is not very wet. And the next time I do this I will try it with saurerkraut, because that's what we New Yorker's like best, but it seems most of the country prefers cole slaw. I'll let you know how that works.

Roll up egg roll style and seal with an egg wash made of sriracha, egg and water and roll in a tablespoon or two of store bought bread crumbs. Looks good, mmmm?

In a medium size sauce pan on stove top add a bit of canola oil and saute egg rolls on each side about 2 minutes or so, to brown the wrappers and make sure the insides heat up.  Let cool a bit before serving because they stay hot a long time. Then dig in and enjoy! I certainly did.


Melissa said...

Linda, you are so creative! I bet my sons would love this, thanks for another great recipe. ♥ M

Linda said...

I really liked it too Melissa. Let me know if you make them, and what you think! Thanks!!!

DeeDee2012 said...

What a great idea!!! I've never used egg rolls before but I think I'd like to give these a try! I know we would love these!

Linda said...

Dee Dee, I loved them and am making them again tomorrow, substituting with sauerkraut and maybe some Russian dressing for a twist. Almost like a Reuben. Doesn't that sound good too? Lovin my egg rolls and having so much fun with them! And thanks so much for stopping by:)

Didi Dalaba said...

Talk about outstanding finger food!! And I agree my Linda dolly, these would be absolutely out of this world with sauerkraut!!♥

So sharing!!!

Linda said...

Well Didi D, you are truly the best. And tomorrow I am making them with the kraut. I'm still a New Yorker and a frank is not a frank without the sauerkraut. And I'm liking the idea of a Russian dressing. I have time to shop and play after work, so I'll update if all turns out well. I have a few more days before that stack of wrappers expire. Missing you dolly doll:)