Saturday, October 19, 2013

Meatloaf with a kick

A few nights ago I was was playing in the kitchen chilling some dough and realized I was starving. I was so hungry and needed to feed myself something that was tasty and rather simple so I could work on one more go-round of my Raspberry Cloud Cakes. I admit, with the WFC approaching faster than ever I have not been eating properly. But I was lucky to have thought ahead and defrosted some chopped sirloin and decided to make my go to dish- MEATLOAF. Sometimes I make a complicated meatloaf but this time it had to be simple. I went through my cupboards and grabbed a packet of Goya Sazon Seasoning (a life saver), remember this little gem? I use it in my shrimp dishes all the time and thought, why not try it with meatloaf. Plus I had some cooked bacon in the fridge. So far, so good. It took me no time to put this little loaf together and a happy gal I was. No chopping involved, but if you have some extra time please add some fresh diced green or red peppers. Here's the recipe:

Sazon Bacon and Sirloin Meatloaf

1 package Sazon seasoning from Goya
1 egg
1 T milk
1 T minced dried onion
1/2 sleeve of crushed Ritz crackers
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 (or more) black pepper
1 T Worcestershire sauce
1 lb chopped sirloin
6 slices cooked bacon finely chopped

Here's a picture of the Sazon seasoning, the star of the show:

And here's what I did with this fabulous spice blend:

Mix Sazon, egg, milk, dried onion, salt, pepper, crackers and Worcestershire sauce together with a spoon or fork.

 Now add your chopped bacon.

Mix in the ground sirloin and form into a small loaf and place in greased pan.

Bake 50 minutes and enjoy any way your little heart desires. I made sammies and forgot to take pictures. But you can just imagine how delish they were. My suggestion is to double the recipe. I am now wishing I had done that.


Nann from Lady Nann's Table said...

Oh YUM! I've never heard of that brand of seasoning but I'm sure its probably right on my grocers shelf. Now I want to go by some. Always looking for a great easy meatloaf and this sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe.

Kimberly H said...

For those not familiar with Goya Sazon, there are several different flavors.. The one in the picture is Con Azafran... With Saffron.

Bet that meatloaf was fantastic! It looks awesome! Its one of our favorite go to meals too!
I'll have to see if I've got any Goya Sazon in my cabinets.. if not, next time I see them, I'll pick up a packet of them.. Good stuff!

Donna Thiemann said...

Hey Linda, This looks terrific! I am in need of these types of recipes. The seasoning sound delicious! Don't worry I will be back!

Hugs, Donna

DeeDee2012 said...

Linda as always your dishes look and sound amazing. I love meat loaf! I've never tried the Sazon seasoning before. I will certainly have to give this a try! Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes!

Linda said...

Thanks gals. And special thanks to Kim who knows way more than me about EVERYTHING! Nancy, look in the international aisle of your supermarket, I bet it's there. Donna, so glad you stopped by. If you like shrimp, I have a few recipes posted using the sazon seasoning and they are simple and oh so flavorful. I'll post the links for you if you're interested. And I really appreciate you all stopping by!

Linda said...

Dee Dee, didn't even see your comment, I'm so sorry. I have to say, I was turned on to this seasoning from a Portuguese gal from JAP who has won many blue ribbons and has the same taste buds (spice wise) as me. I must warn you that the first ingredient in this spice mix is MSG. I always stayed away from MSG until I made a shrimp and beer kettle with it. I'm hooked on it now. You will like it I am sure. It's always fun to expand our taste horizons, don't you think? And I hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this posting Linda and like so many others here, I had never heard of Goya Sazon. I will be on the outlook for it at my grocery store. Your meatloaf looks wonderful!