Monday, March 11, 2013

Tortilla and Egg Bake

I was doing a bit of experimenting last night. I love to cook ahead and then reheat because it just makes my life so much easier. And I was curious if eggs baked in tortilla shells would stand up to the reheating process of nuking at the office. I have a large muffin pan that contains 6 muffin holes that measure 4 inches in diameter that I used to use for mini quiches. I pulled this rarely used dinosaur out of the cupbaord and got to work. I had 4 six inch corn tortillas on hand, warmed them a few seconds in the microwave and nestled them inside four of the round indentations that were misted lightly with cooking spray.

They seemed to fit okay, so I proceded to sautee a few veggies in canola oil that I thought would go well with the tortillas and eggs. I used 1/2 a red pepper chopped, 1 small onion chopped, 1 jalapeno pepper chopped, 1/4 cup or so of black beans and some spices: salt, pepper, and 1/4 tsp each of cumin and chili powder.

I added this aromatic mixture to the bottom of the tortillas, and topped each with about a tsp of store bought salsa. So far so good. At this point I pre heated the oven to 425 degrees.

How could I make any Tex-Mex dish without adding cheese? Had to do it, so I added as much shredded sharp cheddar as I could fit in, still leaving room for the eggs.

I added a splash of half and half, some salt and pepper and topped each tortilla with a few extra black beans and baked them for 12 minutes which seemed to be the perfect time. The eggs were still soft, the tortillas were crispy and the insides were hot. After they cooled a bit I wrapped them up, put them in the fridge excited for the morning experiment.

I did not bring my camera to work so I do not have a picture of the re-heated, microwaved egg tortilla, and I must say, for once- one of my experiments actually worked on the first try. The tortilla stayed crisp, the egg was still soft and the inside veggies were warm and delicious. If I weren't eating this on the run at work I would have garnished with sour cream, a little more salsa, more cheese of course and cilantro leaves. Give this a try and get even more creative than I was. The possibilities are endless.


Didi Dalaba said...

Linda dolly, these look amazing!! I am definitely going to be making these, but for dinner for sure!!

Love this recipe!!

Nancy Robeson said...

Linda, This is on my to do list! Wonderful recipe!!!!!

Linda said...

Glad you're going to try them gals. I had one again today at work and topped it with tomatillo salsa, and it was so goooood. If you're not eating these on the go, you can really make a nice meal with some fun sides and toppings.