Sunday, June 24, 2012

Southern Comfort

I'm feeling very southern right about now ya'll. This weekend I made Pimento Cheese, a recipe that Lynn Socko (from Texas) was kind enough to share with the folks on Just a Pinch, the recipe site I've been visiting daily. I have been hearing about this cheese mixture for years. If it wasn't Emeril talking about it on the Food Network, it was Paula Deen, Alton Brown, or any other cook/chef that spent time in the south. I now know what they've all been raving about. I made this over the weekend in no time flat. This cheese spread has it all- it's a little bit sharp and tangy, somewhat sweet from the roasted red pepper, salty from the cheese, utterly creamy, and sinfully decadent. In New England you don't find this dreamy concoction in the grocery stores, so you've got to make it at home. Lynn's recipe is simple (the only taxing part is grating the small amount of onion and jalapeno pepper), and she's been kind enough to cut the fat, carbs, salt and calories for us.

Pimento Cheese
Inspired by Lynn Socko

2 cups grated low fat cheddar cheese
1/2 cup non fat plain Greek yogurt
1-1/2 tsp shaved fresh jalapeno pepper
1-1/2 tsp shaved onion
2 T roasted red pepper- I used Pastene right out of the jar, Lynn roasts her own
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
1 pinch of tumeric

The first thing I did was grate the onion and jalapeno with my kitchen rasp and deposited the pulp from the veggies in a medium sized bowl. Then I added the roasted red pepper.

Next came the yogurt.

And the black pepper and tumeric. I love that Lynn uses terms in her recipes like dashes and pinches. It gives me an opportunity to use this very unusual and unused measuring device I've had in one of my utensil drawers for years. Anybody else come across these spoons?

Now add the cheese. Mix well and serve on sandwiches, as a dip with chips or veggies, or do what I did and grill up some artisan bread for bruschetas topped with a little southern comfort. Y'all will be very satisfied.

Thanks Lynn for sharing a taste of your southern roots. You can access Lynn's blog from my blog roll. She's at Eating and Living to Tell About It.

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