Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grilled Elvis

Doesn't this this look toasty and delicious? It seems that everyone that's sampled this banana/peanut butter concoction aka Elvis Bread has decided it tastes best when warm. So I went with the flow and put this rock star slice of bread on my stove-top grill and within 3 minutes I had a Love Me Tender moment. Absolutely delish. I put a few dabs of butter on the slightly charred top and it was great. But I have some other ideas I want to explore and I think you'll want to try them too.

Grill a 1/2 inch slice of Elvis Bread and top with caramel sauce. Then add some whipped cream and sliced bananas as a garnish.

Or what about Grilled Elvis ala mode? Vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce.

I'm right now thinking about a most decadent bread pudding that would really shine at a brunch table. I'm a sucker for bread pudding, so that may be the route I'll take next. Maybe add some cream cheese, extra peanut butter and bananas, and a bit of chocolate. Yeah. I'm going to work on that. Stay tuned.

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